Canon R7 vs Sony A7 IV – The 10 Main Differences

Canon R7 next to the Sony A7 IV

In this post, we’re looking at two rather different cameras that are equally appealing to photographers, but for different reasons. One is the Canon R7, an APS-C camera with high resolution, fast continuous shooting speed and a reasonable price, among other things. The other is the Sony A7 IV, a …

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Canon EOS R3 vs Sony A1 – The 10 main differences

The Canon Eos R3 is the most advanced mirrorless camera the company has ever produced and, in fact, the most advanced digital camera ever made by Canon. It has a brand new sensor, superb speed capabilities, a unique viewfinder and impressive video specifications. Some of its features, such as the …

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Canon RP vs Sony A7 III – The 10 main differences

With the EOS RP, Canon decided to released a more affordable full frame camera. It was the second mirrorless model after the original EOS R, and aims at beginners and enthusiasts. One of the most natural competitors is the Sony A7 II, and we already compared the two in another …

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