Sony A6700 vs Canon R7 – The 10 Main Differences

Sony A6700 and Canon R7

Meet the Sony A6700 and Canon EOS R7, two interesting mid-range mirrorless APS-C cameras that cater to the needs of photographers and videographers alike. In this comparison preview, we will explore the ten key differences between these two models. Whether you’re seeking great image quality, advanced autofocus features, or advanced …

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Canon R7 vs Sony A7 IV – The 10 Main Differences

Canon R7 next to the Sony A7 IV

In this post, we’re looking at two rather different cameras that are equally appealing to photographers, but for different reasons. One is the Canon R7, an APS-C camera with high resolution, fast continuous shooting speed and a reasonable price, among other things. The other is the Sony A7 IV, a …

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