Canon EOS R3 vs Sony A1 – The 10 main differences

The Canon Eos R3 is the most advanced mirrorless camera the company has ever produced and, in fact, the most advanced digital camera ever made by Canon. It has a brand new sensor, superb speed capabilities, a unique viewfinder and impressive video specifications. Some of its features, such as the …

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Canon RP vs Sony A7 III – The 10 main differences

With the EOS RP, Canon decided to released a more affordable full frame camera. It was the second mirrorless model after the original EOS R, and aims at beginners and enthusiasts. One of the most natural competitors is the Sony A7 II, and we already compared the two in another …

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Sony A7S III vs Canon R5 – The 10 main differences

The Sony A7S III is the long-awaited successor of the A7S II, and it took the company almost five years to release it. However it was worth the wait because the new model is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The Canon EOS R5 is the first mirrorless model with …

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Canon EOS RP vs Sony A7 II – Five key points analysed

Over the years we’ve seen a progressive decrease in the price of full frame cameras. Following the first double-grip bodies released in early 2000 that cost in excess of $5k, Canon introduced the first serious price drop with the original 5D which was launched at around $3300. Lower end models such as the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D followed later, bringing the average price down to the $2000 mark.

This year, Canon has pushed the price down further by introducing the EOS RP to the mirrorless segment, but they aren’t the only ones ready to play the affordable camera card.

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Canon EOS R vs Sony A7 III – The complete comparison

Updated on: March 4th 2020

For the past couple of years, Canon has often been criticised for lacking innovation. Despite integrating interesting technology such as Dual Pixel CMOS, other brands tend to offer a wider variety of features for stills and video – and the slow growth of the EOS M mirrorless system hasn’t contributed to reducing the gap either.

In 2018, Canon unveiled a more serious competitor on the mirrorless and full-frame market: the EOS R. It marks the beginning of the RF line-up, a system that is still in its infancy but will most certainly propel Canon’s advancement in the future.

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