Nikon Zf vs Zfc – The 10 Main Differences

Nikon Zf and Zfc

When Nikon released the Df full-frame DSLR back in 2013, it looked like a one-off product whose main purpose was to pay homage to the company’s successful legacy of film cameras. The marketing was meticulously organized with 5 short films released at weekly intervals that progressively unveiled more details of …

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Nikon Zf vs Z6 II – The 10 Main Differences

Nikon Zf and Z6 II

Nikon has released retro-looking cameras before, notably the Df DSLR in 2013 and the Zfc in 2021. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a third model, the Zf, equipped with a full-frame sensor and featuring some of the latest technology Nikon has to offer, all packed into a …

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Panasonic G9 II vs OM System OM-1 – The 10 Main Differences

Lumix G9 II and OM System OM-1

The Lumix G9 II arrives six years after the unveiling of its predecessor. Panasonic says it’s a camera tailored for photographers, although its video capabilities are nothing short of impressive. Still, one of the many reasons people will be interested in the G9 mark II is that it (finally) gets …

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Panasonic G9 vs G9 II – The 10 Main Differences

Lumix G9 and G9 II

The original Lumix G9 was unveiled in 2017. It was Panasonic’s answer to a high-end photography-centric camera, in contrast to the more video-centric GH series, although the G9 still packed very good video capabilities. Six years later, the company shows it hasn’t given up on Micro Four Thirds yet by …

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Sony A7CR vs A7 IV – The 10 Main Differences

Sony A7CR and A7 IV

The A7CR is a compact full-frame camera that sacrifices a few things in terms of ergonomics and functionality but packs one of the best sensors Sony has ever made, with a stunning 61 megapixels of resolution. The A7 IV is an all-rounder model capable of excellent photo and video quality …

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