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Mathieu Gasquet is the co-owner and editor of Mirrorless Comparison, as well as the man behind all the camera tests. Mathieu has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. Before specializing in camera reviews, he worked as an event photographer for the National Cinema Museum in Turin, and as a videomaker for renowned Italian agencies, which allowed him to collaborate with important names such as Fiat, Sky Italia, Maserati, and more. Mathieu also studied cinema in France and obtained a degree in cinematography at the A.R.F.I.S. school in Lyon.

Fujifilm X100V vs X100VI – The 10 Main Differences

Fujifilm X100V and X100VI

The iconic Fujifilm X100 compact camera series has reached its 6th generation. The new X100VI arrives 13 years after the first model and 4 years after the fifth model, the X100V. The latter saw a curious surge in popularity around 2022, courtesy of social media and influencers, causing Fujifilm to …

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OM System OM-1 vs OM-1 II – The 10 Main Differences

OM-1 and OM-1 II side by side

The OM System OM-1 was launched in February 2022 as the first product released under the new brand OM System, following Olympus’ departure from the camera business. It introduced long-awaited upgrades such as a new sensor and autofocus system, among other features. Two years later, the OM-1 Mark II arrives …

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Electronic Shutter Evolution: The Sony A9 III and Global Shutter

Still life shot of the Sony A9 III with sensor uncovered.

If we examine the initial reports and hands-on reviews of the Sony A9 Mark III, which was announced in November 2023, terms like ‘game changer,’ ‘revolution,’ and phrases such as ‘photography will change forever’ dominate the front pages. The reason for such hype is that the new E-mount model is …

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Sony A1 vs A9 III – The 10 Main Differences

Sony A1 and A9 III

The Alpha 1 is Sony’s flagship model, combining a high-resolution sensor with stunning processing speed. It is a camera that has become a reference for both its image quality and autofocus performance, without neglecting video capabilities. It’s hard to ask for more if you own one, unless we start nitpicking …

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Sony A9 II vs A9 III – The 10 Main Differences

Sony A9 II and A9 III

In 2017, Sony surprised us with the original A9, a camera that featured unparalleled speed for a full-frame model, not just because of the impressive autofocus and continuous shooting speed, but also because of the blackout-free shooting experience, taking the performance of the electronic shutter to new levels. The A9 …

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