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Heather Broster co-founded Mirrorless Comparison and has produced several reviews and comparisons for the website as well as our YouTube channel. A passionate photographer since her 14th birthday, she loves macro, butterflies, instant cameras and taking pictures of people at events.

Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm vs. 75mm – Apples vs Oranges

olympus 60mm vs 75mm

Portrait lenses with an equivalent focal length of 85-90mm in full-frame terms are a dime a dozen in the Micro Four Thirds range but there is currently only one long telephoto prime for portraits: the M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8. Its equivalent focal length of 150mm is a good compromise since it allows you to achieve good compression and background blur, yet doesn’t place you too far from your subject that it becomes difficult to communicate.

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Sony a6300 vs a6000 – The complete comparison

a6000 vs a6300

Ask anyone in the know which mirrorless camera is the most popular in terms of both overall sales and popularity, and they will surely mention the Sony a6000. Despite being over two years old, it remains a best-seller even to this day for two main reasons: it is affordable and packs many high-end features that had been reserved for much more expensive models up until its release.

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