Nikon Z fc vs Z50 – The 5 Main Differences

The Z50 was the first APS-C mirrorless camera released by Nikon in 2019 and packs excellent ergonomics and autofocus performance in a compact and lightweight package. The Z fc is not a successor, but a tribute to Nikon’s old film cameras as you can see from the images. On the …

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Nikon Z6 vs Z6 II vs Z7 vs Z7 II – The 10 Main Differences

The Nikon Z6, which was announced in 2018, launched the full frame Z-mount system along with its sibling, the Z7. It was Nikon’s second attempt at building a mirrorless series after the failure of the 1 system. Despite a few downsides, the cameras proved excellent contenders and received several improvements via firmware updates.

Two years later, Nikon has released the mark II versions. Sadly there isn’t anything revolutionary about either model, but the various tweaks in performance do make the products more complete. Are the new cameras really worth buying compared to the mark I models? Let’s find out!

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