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Leigh Diprose is a business owner and full-time writer in the imaging industry. His knowledge of photography, cameras, lenses, lighting, audio, film, printing, cinematography, and accessories has amassed over a 20-year career. Published work and contributions can be seen across the internet, including notable brands including, PetaPixel, Fujifilm, ShotKit, Adorama, Canon, Arcatech, Videvo, SmallRig, ATLI, Light Stalking, Lucky Camera Straps, and many imaging manufacturers and leading retailers in over 14 countries.

Sony A7R IV vs A7R V – The 10 Main Differences

Sony A7R IV and A7R V side by side

The Sony a7R V is the newest camera in Sony’s high-resolution lineup. The successor of the Sony a7R mark IV, this camera aims to deliver the same high resolution with an onslaught of upgrades. This article will walk you through the ten main differences compared to the a7R IV. A7R …

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Sony FX30 vs FX3 – The 10 Main Differences

Sony FX30 and FX3 side by side

There’s something about a Sony mirrorless cine camera line-up that makes them attractive to photographers and cinematographers. For instance, in the latest announcement, the Sony FX30 breaks all the rules for what a compact cine camera delivers. For starters, it’s got all the features you would normally associate with a …

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