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On Mirrorless Comparison, our aim is to compare the latest mirrorless cameras and lenses using the best testing ground there is: the world around us!

To organise our articles in the easiest way possible, you’ll find the following sections:

  • Preview: a quick summary of the main similarities and differences between two cameras or lenses. We usually publish it on the date of the announcement of a new product. It is a first look at how the new camera compares to its predecessor or another product in the same category. Previews are based on specifications, press releases, hands-on articles, as well as our experience with the brand and earlier releases. Our goal is to upgrade our comparison previews to complete articles later on, but please note that time constraints and access to gear prevent us from doing this for every single preview.
  • Full comparison: here you’ll find complete comparisons where we analyse every aspect of two lenses or two cameras including full resolution shots and comparison videos. Occasionally, because of limited time, we concentrate on five key points, or just one or two characteristics that we feel are the most interesting to potential users.
  • Best Of: buying guides based on our personal experience with all the products listed.
  • Guides: extended articles that guide you through the functionalities of your camera and how to make the most out of it for various genres.
  • Stories: in our Stories, we concentrate on a specific topic or talk about our personal experience using a specific camera or lens in a specific situation. We also share individual reviews of a single product, without a direct comparison.

On our homepage you can find the latest articles. If you head over to either the camera or lens comparison page, you can select one or two brands you want to compare and see what is available.

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